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The Daily Faces
A Portrait Project with the London Writers' Salon Writers' Hour

The Daily Faces will be a representation of the Writers’ Hour in the form of thirty-two 5’’ x 7’’ oil paintings laid out as 2 screens worth of the Writers’ Hour - 16 faces per screen on my laptop.


I’ve been coming to the UK hour for the last 18 months and I’ve loved it for so many reasons but also for all the faces I see every morning - in your different clothes, settings, camera angles and lighting.  I’ve longed to make a painting about.


If you’d like to take part in the Daily Faces please email me - - letting me know the name you use in the Writers Room so that I can find you on screen.  I need permission to pin you, screenshot you (in case I don’t manage to finish in the 50 minutes) and then paint you during the session.


I’d also like to share the individual paintings on instagram - if you would like me to tag you please let me have those details too.  


You can also let me know some things about you - for instance where you are, what sort of writing you do, if you have any work coming out or events coming up or what you normally do during Writers’ Hour.  Or you can share nothing at all, just lend me your face!

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