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bristol faces - an ongoing portrait project 

A collaboration between sculptor Sophie Howard and painter Varosha

Sculptor and long-term Bristol resident Sophie Howard and painter Varosha, a relative newcomer, are passionate about this city. This exhibition of portraits aims to capture the essence of what makes Bristol the place it is. It seeks to identify some of the figures that give it its unique identity, spirit and soul.

Last year they went to the inauguration of Bristol City Poet Vanessa Kisuule in City Hall and having talked about doing a project together the idea of Bristol Faces emerged.  Sitting there in City Hall it came into focus what they should do – an exhibition of portraits.  An exhibition of portraits of people who make Bristol the city they love.  People who do something creative, innovative, people who want to change things, people who see something that needs doing and do it. 

Obviously the first person they asked to sit for them was Vanessa Kisuule. 
Bristol gets its reputation as a vibrant, creative and political city because of the people that make it so.  Some of the sitters are friends, or friends of friends and some are just people they approached for the project.  All of them are people they admire. 
It has been a huge privilege for Sophie and Varosha to spend time with these people, talking about their work and their passions.
The first edition of Bristol Faces was at the Vestibules, City Hall, College Green, Bristol in June 2019.
The second edition of Bristol Faces was at Hours Space, Colston Yard, Bristol in September 2019.
The third edition will be at the Create Centre, B Bond Warehouse, Bristol in September 2020.
We already have new sitters lined up for the next edition but we are also open to ideas about who we should be representing.  Who are your unsung heroes?  We’re also interested in portraying people who work in the many businesses and organisations that are housed in the Create Centre.

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