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Isolation Art School

Since we went into Self Isolation on 16th March I've been posting daily art prompts - I'm not always up to date myself so do them in any order you like - if you post them on instagram please tag me @varosha and use #isolationartschool
Here's the list so far
Wednesday 25/03/2020 - Favourite Dress/ Shirt/ Piece of Clothing
Tuesday 24/03/2020 - Paper
Monday 23/03/2020 - Your Bedroom
Sunday 22/03/2020 - Me - When I Was Little
Saturday 21/03/2020 - Fruit
Friday 20/03/2020 - What You Can See From Your Window
Thursday 19/03/2020 - Loo Roll
Wednesday 18/03/2020 - Something From The garden
Tuesday 17/03/2020 - Box of Tissues
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